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Inspired Writer's Retreat

Escape to the tranquility of Bear Lake for a transformational experience with Bridget Cook-Burch. Gain the confidence to finally write or finish your book and get your mighty message out into the world where it can touch hearts and improve lives.

May 16-19, 2024 at Bear Lake, Utah

Bridget purposely limits the number of attendees to focus on your book! Book early to avoid missing out.

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Sneak Peek

inside the retreat and hear what our authors had to say about this one-of-a-kind adventure!

Storytelling is the most vulnerable form of art there is, making writing in isolation a challenging undertaking–especially when you’re a novice author working on your first book.

Many beginners often experience long, lonely days at their desks with only their thoughts for company, revisiting painful memories they would rather forget, without anyone nearby to help when they feel stuck or insecure.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. No! Not for you if you join me at beautiful Bear Lake, Utah, for the Inspired Writer’s Retreat.

This retreat is a safe space, giving you 4 days and 3 nights of in-depth training and experiential writing exercises while you rub shoulders with bestselling authors, publishers, and editors—all-inclusive with lodging and food.

Any writer’s retreat can teach you mechanics and strategy, but this is a complete transformational journey! Through this powerfully accelerated writing experience, you will be guided through each step of the process: writing, polishing, pitching, publishing, launching, and promoting your book.

Too often, people spend money on a conference or retreat where they are momentarily affected but have no new abilities. The Inspired Writer’s Retreat over-delivers and is focused on transformation for both the writer and their readers.


"I had never considered myself a writer, but I took a chance and went to the retreat. And I'm so grateful that I did!"
“I was blown away by the amount of content and knowledge and creative insights this woman has. It was three days of amazing connection, clarity, and writing in a cabin… [The Retreat] is for anyone that has ever wanted to write or just feels called to share a message… I had never considered myself a writer, but I took a chance and went to the retreat. And I’m so grateful that I did! …I can tell you that some of the things you’ll get to experience at her retreat I have never seen or heard about at other events. (And I’ve done a lot of them!)”

Hayley Anderson

Only 11 spots left!



We begin with a scenic journey into the quiet heights of the majestic Wasatch mountain range to a recreation paradise, Bear Lake. Your journey culminates at a sumptuous cabin equipped with every modern comfort. Our retreat cabin is easy to access and has stunning views of the lake below.

You will listen to your soul and write your story for three and a half intensive days. You will learn from others and Bridget, who will guide and support you in crafting a book that inspires others in the most profound and life-changing ways.

What to


Day 1

Come as early as 9 am, and Bridget will be waiting for you with open arms, freshly baked yumminess, and a powerful one-on-one about YOU and your book. Your valuable time with Bridget is focused on working past any writing or formulation blocks you are currently experiencing.

As you settle in, you’ll feel that you have truly turned a corner in your writing journey. Fill this day with focused work on your manuscript. Quiet and solitude are found in abundance here.

Early in the evening you will enjoy a sumptuous networking dinner with your fellow writers, soon to become close friends. This will be followed by your first intensive class.

Class topics include:

  • The deepest What and Why of Your Book
  • WriteJUICY Part 1: A left-brain, right-brain experiential exercise to help you access your master-brain in writing and outlining your bestselling book.

Days 2
And 3

Friday and Saturday are when you experience massive results! Our classes together will cover the following topics:

  • WriteJUICY Part 2
  • Avatar, Timeline, and Outlining Your Manuscript
  • The Hero’s Journey applied to your story
  • Complete Characterization & Contributing Plotlines
  • Navigating Emotional and Personal Topics
  • The Business of Your Book
  • Pros & Cons of Various Publishing, plus Agents, Marketing, and Visibility
  • Shortcuts to Building a Platform more powerfully

In these class sessions, we work quickly and deeply through experiential exercises to make your writing JUICY during each intense workshop phase. Your writing will flow more quickly, your ideas will speak more clearly, and you’ll gain powerful business insight into your author opportunities.


We always feature a powerful keynote guest who will share their real-world experiences, the pitfalls, and the pinnacles they went through as they grew to become an author who changed the world. We’ve hosted some of the most inspiring writers, producers, CEOs, thought-leaders, filmmakers, and more to help you cut your learning curve.

Past keynote speakers include:

  • William Paul YoungThe Shack (book and movie)
  • Ty Bennet – Multiple great books on leadership
  • HB Moore – One of the world’s most prolific authors in fiction and nonfiction
  • Gary Lee PriceDivine Turbulence and sculptor of the Statue of Responsibility
  • Elysia Butler – The English teacher who breaks all the rules to save kids
  • Melissa MooreShattered Silence plus A&E producer
  • Hyrum SmithThe Three Gaps and co-founder of Franklin Covey
  • Andrew AndersonStrength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow

Throughout the retreat, we build in all-important networking time with your fellow thought-leaders who are on similar personal journeys. Life-long friendships are formed with immediate fans of your work.

Day 4

Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast with your group in a profound, final wrap-up lesson with Bridget, in which you visualize where your story is taking you and what you will do with your gifts to the world.

The retreat officially concludes at 11:00 am. Then you can find a place along the beautiful grounds and write, or sit and collaborate with your new friends!

Because of the Inspired Legacy Method and your connections here, your passionate communication with the world has just begun!

We have equipped you with all the tools necessary to go from a writer to a published author! Watch out, baby, because the doors now open to you will knock your socks off!


"I really would encourage you to talk to Bridget about her retreat. It just might change everything. It did for me."

“Stories transform people, move people, inspire people, and sometimes save people. If there is a story inside of you that can do that for someone, I really would encourage you to talk to Bridget about her retreat. It just might change everything. It did for me.”

Heidi Totten

Only 11 spots left!

Your Wins and

Ripple Effect

Gain the confidence to finally get your mighty message out into the world where it can touch hearts and improve lives!

  • Express your signature story most powerfully
  • Awaken natural writing and communication abilities you never even knew you had
  • Break through the blocks like Imposter Syndrome that keep most writers stuck
  • Write real and raw about your experiences without throwing others under the bus
  • Overcome the terror of what other people think of you and your story
  • Make your readers fall in love with you and deeply understand your journey
  • Understand the ins, outs, pros and cons of the publishing industry–without agenda
  • Understand when a book proposal is required and discover how to query and procure a literary agent
  • Know why your platform and visibility impact your success
  • Shorten your learning curve to get results much more quickly
  • Open amazing doors for you and your career through connections and opportunities
  • Monetize with confidence and credibility


"If you've seriously been thinking about writing, this is where you need to be!"
“Have you always wanted to be a writer, but never knew where to start? Well, I found the starting place for you! Last year, I went to an AMAZING writer’s retreat hosted by Bridget. I met incredible authors, mapped out the ideas for my novels, created breakthroughs, unforgettable memories, and friendships with like-minded thinkers. If you’ve seriously been thinking about writing, this is where you need to be!”

Elysia Butler

Only 11 spots left!

Your Host and


Bridget Cook-Burch, “The Book Whisperer”​, is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and 5-times international bestselling author, mentor, transformational speaker, and passionate humanitarian.

She helps authors negotiate the often overwhelming and confusing world of writing, publishing, and launching a book. She loves to help you discover the absolute importance of your story—and use your story to change the world!

Best known for her riveting tales of transformation, Bridget’s powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Dateline, The History Channel, NPR, and in People, as well as translated into several languages.

Bridget’s New York Times bestseller “The Witness Wore Red” tells the astonishing life story of Rebecca Musser, whose testimony brought down the insidious organized crime ring of the FLDS church. Bridget also wrote the national and international bestsellers “Shattered Silence, the Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter” with Melissa G. Moore, and “Skinhead Confessions: From Hate to Hope” with former neo-Nazi TJ Leyden. A recent book, “Divine Turbulence” tells a world-renowned sculptor’s story of the making of a man…and the Statue of Responsibility.

Her own stories have been showcased in “Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life” and “Living Proof” with Lisa Nichols from “The Secret.”

As a writing mentor, Bridget has helped nearly 50 authors write and publish their books to date, with more book releases every quarter! She knows all the major hurdles writers have to jump over on their way to the finish line, and she wants to cut your learning curve by spilling the secrets she’s discovered along the way.

In Their Own



"She truly gives her clients all she has to give with so many great shortcuts."

“I was absolutely blown away with the value that Bridget’s course provided! As a Co-Founder of a Digital Creative Agency, I work with all kinds of Authors and Speakers and have strategic literary partners myself. I had met Bridget years ago and she came to mind recently when I was interested in telling my story. Bridget spent a great deal of time with me uncovering the right strategy to move forward with. I must say I will now be referring my clients to her! She truly gives her clients all she has to give with so many great shortcuts. I have been around the publishing world for many years and have many “Experts” on hand though Bridget’s content and approach are like no other I have experienced! She puts all her heart and intellect into serving her clients. I can now say that I have the necessary information to write a powerful memoir thanks to her expertise!”

Lisa Kelley


"I came to the Writer's Retreat without much and walked away with so much more."

“Just like you, it all began with a nudge to share a story that changes one’s nature, causes one to become a better person from their telling, and can soften and change hearts that we may discover hope. I came to the Writer’s Retreat without much and walked away with so much more, including two essential questions answered. Who will help me answer this mighty call, and will Bridget’s heart be open and touched to support me personally to do so? Bridget was the angel I was praying for all along, and the Writer’s Retreat is where I finally began to see. I thought I knew what and where my dark night lay, the opposing force holding me back, but Bridget could see it long before I, helping to free my soul that I may write the story I was born to tell.”

Sydney Bond


"If you want to write a book of worth and value then check out the upcoming Inspired Writers Retreat."

“I want to share about the amazing time I had at the Inspired Writer’s retreat with Bridget Cook-Burch. Bridget is very insightful and offered suggestions that would make some parts of my book more clear for the reader. She was very encouraging and I am still excited to continue writing. Bridget shared a lot of knowledge about publishers, book tours, media exposure, how to outline the book, and keep on a timeline. I enjoyed every moment of the retreat, meeting new people, and hearing parts of their books, and having time to write myself. All the meals were delicious. It was a delightful experience. If you want to write a book of worth and value then check out the upcoming Inspired Writers Retreat. Your mind will soar into brilliance and your heart will sing with enthusiasm as you too become an author.”

Dana Briggs


"If you are seeking clarity and want to be a book writer, then by all means don't delay sign up today."

“If anyone is interested in writing your own story or a book of any kind, here is an amazing workshop packed with tools and training to take advantage of. I know Bridget personally, and aside from her New York Times bestselling author status, she is a phenomenal lady, high class all the way! She is of integrity, hard work, honesty, and love. Her materials and the experience she creates, using her whole heart and soul to serve others, blows me away. This is something you don’t want to miss! If you are seeking clarity and want to be a book writer, then by all means don’t delay sign up today for this amazing opportunity!”

Sherry Steed


"First of all I was inspired in such a way that I haven’t stopped writing!"

“Bridget’s amazing Writer’s Retreat was my second event with Bridget (the first being the virtual Quick Start Weekend). I was amazed how much she crammed into one weekend. First of all I was inspired in such a way that I haven’t stopped writing! Secondly, Bridget is an expert in many things but I am soooooooooo thankful she puts as much energy as she does into coaching others in writing. I believe that is the most splendid gift she gives to humanity! Trusting her instincts, using her tools, and internalizing her insightful critiques can truly change your life! Don’t hesitate!”

Irene Huntsman


"If you have a book in your heart or maybe it's on paper, you will want to be at this next one!

“A few years ago I had the opportunity to be on staff for a couple of these writer’s retreats and it was heartwarming to watch people come alive with their stories. To witness the breakthroughs and become aware of the next step they know they get to take to become a published author was exciting. If you have a book in your heart or maybe it’s on paper, either way, you will want to be at this next one! Not only will you learn a lot, you’ll grow mentally and spiritually, and the best part: you will form lifelong friendships!”

Cindy Montano


"It is YOU that was transformative this weekend. I will never forget the way I felt, or what I saw."

“This weekend was indeed transformative. Much of it was because of the interesting content and well-designed experiences. But the most transformative part of all, that couldn’t have been designed/planned/plotted, was the goodness, strength, and essence of who you are. I’m sure you get this a lot, but at the risk of being just one more person who feels this way about you, I will share with you that you are a SISTER. A lovely, safe, generous soul who touched my heart and brought healing and love. Your vulnerability and strength and courage showed me a better way. It is YOU that was transformative this weekend. I will never forget the way I felt, or what I saw.”

Shara Ogilvie


"Her ability to see, teach and enable understanding of principles is second to none."

“Bridgett and her team provide an amazing experience for each Writer! I was impressed by the organization and attention to every detail through the retreat right from the greeting at the start to the send off at the end. Bridgett has a gift to help everyone in the group feel seen, heard and valued. Her ability to see, teach and enable understanding of principles is second to none. I highly recommend working with Bridgett and her team to get started off on the right path and receive the support you need in writing your book!

Richard Haynes



Get to Bear Lake—that's all you need to do. We'll take care of the rest!

Lodging and food

The Inspired Writer’s Retreat is all-inclusive with three nights’ lodging and nine delicious meals—Thursday lunch through Sunday breakfast.

Training and more

  • Classes and exercises
  • The deepest What and Why of Your Book
  • WriteJUICY – Two Parts
  • Avatar, Timeline, and Outlining Your Manuscript
  • The Hero’s Journey applied to your story
  • Complete Characterization & Contributing Plotlines
    Navigating Emotional and Personal Topics
  • The Business of Your Book
    Pros & Cons of Various Publishing, plus Agents, Marketing, and Visibility
  • Shortcuts to Building a Platform more powerfully
    Time to write
  • Networking opportunities
  • Keynote speaker event
  • Intensive full-color writer’s manual (70 pages)
  • Experiential full-color booklets on plotting and outlines
  • Goodie bag with surprises and treats
  • Prizes, including books, art, theater, and dinner with Bridget



Bridget Cook-Burch

Executive 1-on-1 Coaching Session

$500 value

You receive a complimentary one-on-one intensive with Bridget as part of your retreat.


Inspired Writer @ Home Course

$997 value

We recorded one of the retreats. As an attendee, you’ll get free lifetime access to the digital version (after your in-person retreat) to revisit the most valuable parts.


Signed hardbound copy of Divine Turbulence

$27 value

Authored by Gary Lee Price and Bridget Cook-Burch, Divine Turbulence is a profoundly moving story demonstrating the power of faith over trauma and the miracle of unconditional love, creating a worldwide movement.


Monthly Q&A meetings with Bridget

$564/year value

Every third Monday of the month, you can hop on a 60-minute, alumni-only Zoom meeting with Bridget.

Ask her anything about your book, writing, publishing, launching, etc. Collaborate with other authors, get feedback, and feel energized to Write On!

All meetings are recorded and stored in the exclusive Alumni Library.

Plus, you will get a chance to win a VIP theater and dinner with Bridget and other juicy prizes!



Total Value


Book now for only



Only 11 spots are left! Book now to avoid missing out!

Frequently Asked Questions

No experience is necessary, and all are welcome to attend: aspiring, published, or hobbyist. We cater to beginners through advanced writers. Our course concentrates on becoming published authors and launching your career in a remarkable way. However, hobbyists will receive so much value for their journey—and will be so greatly informed if you ever decide to take your hobby into the pro realm! Anyone can write, and we help you take what skills you have and awaken the writer within.

If you have them, submitting a 1-2 page outline of the book plus four pages of your best writing will give me great tools to know how to best assist you! If you don’t have one or either, Bridget will meet you exactly where you’re at, and by the time we’re done, you will have all of this and MORE.

Perfect! We work on that here – your beginning, your ending, and sorting out all of the mess in the middle.

Perfect! We have had authors who were so grateful they came before they published. Their feedback has been that their books have become deeper, more juicy, and much more powerful than they would have been without it–not kidding! Plus, they learned more direct paths to publishing choices and how to get there effectively.

Unless you’re almost done already, the answer is no. Writing and finishing a really good book takes much more than one weekend. However, we DO take years off of your learning curve on writing, pitching, publishing, marketing, and launching your beautiful book! You will be so happy you learned everything you did.

Perfect again! We stay updated on the latest trends, so you know exactly which directions you can go–without an agenda! While we offer guaranteed national and international bestselling publishing, we also work with New York and other traditional and self-publishing options. You will have your preference for that decision based on your book, needs, career, and desires.

A maximum of 18 attendees, since we cater so much to your needs as a writer. We sometimes have returning authors, and we have one special dinner with a keynote where previous attendees can meet and mingle. It’s a wonderful experience.

First, this is an immersive experience. Anyone can tell you tools: we immerse you in them! Anyone can guide you, but we teach you to tap into your deepest, most powerful story and put THAT on the page. We deliberately create awesome value for your dollar. We’ve had many authors who have taken programs and even writing retreats across the country, and we’re delighted that our authors report that no one does what we do—and that’s why they keep coming back.
All over the world. We’ve had people from all across the U.S. attend, and at every retreat, we’re getting more and more folks from outside the U.S. and Canada!
You may rent a vehicle for your private use or arrange a ride through the Uber app. For those who are coming from warmer climates, you may feel more comfortable renting a vehicle with 4-wheel drive for driving in our beautiful Utah canyons, but it is not requisite. With enough advance notice, we can sometimes link you to and from the airport together with other travelers.
Many hotels near the airport or in Salt Lake City can accommodate you. Please read the reviews and make a reservation at one that suits your needs best. National chains will offer more reliable services and comforts.
Yes, although for a limited number of participants. If we have a larger group of what I call differently-abled folks, we will pick a special cabin in which to work. All of our cabins come equipped to accommodate at least one or two differently-abled clients, and Bridget adjusts her experiential exercises accordingly. Please note: our properties are rentals and do not allow guide dogs under any circumstances. Please understand that this is out of our contract and out of our control.
You will be sent a specific list of items to submit and bring. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, from layered clothing for cool nights and warm days to writing tools. Follow the list, and you’ll be fine.

Yes. And you will never be as happy as you were in your writing life!

Ooh, good question. First, we do some really intensive work on you as a writer, regardless of the genre. Second of all, we have specialized modules for our imaginative fiction authors to enhance your storytelling capabilities, characterization, plot, etc. We will all love to be inspired by you and inspire you to create your best. You will also love understanding the business of your book–an area where many fictional authors struggle to succeed. Join us!
  • 1-on-1 time with me
  • Delicious, catered food for all of your meals – and you don’t have to do dishes, either!
  • Cozy, shared lodging for the entire weekend, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night
  • 70-page, full-color intensive writer’s manual and specialized outlining workbooks
  • Goodie bag with lots of surprises and treats, including a signed hard copy of Divine Turbulence
  • Dynamic keynote speaker event, including networking with other writers, authors, speakers, filmmakers, etc.
  • Intensive, experiential learning
    Life-long friendships and powerful connections
The Inspired Writers Retreat is non-refundable, due to the sizable amount of work and investment we make in you. However, with advance notice, you can transfer your full amount to a future retreat within 12 months of the original date. Transfers requested eight weeks prior to your scheduled retreat will be charged a $500 transfer fee. Transfers requested four weeks prior to your scheduled retreat will be charged a $1000 transfer fee.

I host Inspired Writer’s Retreats multiple times a year. Please check for alternative dates at the top of this page, and click the link to inquire!

Imagine This…

You finally crafted a message you’re proud of. Your story is now out into the world, impacting lives, entertaining and educating them, and maybe even making people smile, forgive, and love with power, hope, and so much inspiration.

“Writer’s block” is no longer found in your dictionary or thesaurus! Words just flow from your fingertips onto the page.

You write drool-worthy stories with your reader staying up until 3 am to read “just one more page.” And then, “Okay, just one more chapter!” It happens. We love it.

All of this awaits you on the other side of the Inspired Writer’s Retreat!

Only 11 spots left!

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