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Inspired Writer
@home Course

Unlock the Power of Your Story: A Transformative Online Storytelling Course for Nonfiction Writers

Gain clarity on the how-to's of bestseller book-writing and develop confidence in your writing abilities with the Inspired Writer @home Course, which features my Inspired Legacy™ Method, a proven process you can follow to complete your book.

Learn how to write, publish, and promote a book, no matter your skill level! Use captivating storytelling to share your meaningful nonfiction message that will resonate with readers—touching hearts, shifting perspectives, and changing lives!

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dear Aspiring Author!

Have you been through a remarkable, hilarious, difficult and seriously profound learning experience (or set of experiences) in life with wisdom to show for it? Do you have a compelling desire to share your message with the world? Are you ready to unleash the power of your inspired story and impact lives in a powerful way?

Then you, my friend, are in the right place!

Imagine this: Writer’s block is no longer part of your vocabulary as words flow effortlessly onto the page, and when you re-read it, it’s goood!

Your story immerses your reader in a world where they can taste the salt on the sea breeze, breathe in the scent of rain-drenched earth, and feel the fierce pounding of their heart as they turn the pages and learn the lessons you have to share.

Your readers hang on every word, and when they finish that final page, they sigh, feeling inspired, touched, encouraged and profoundly changed.


to the world of the Inspired Writer!

Bridget Cook-Burch

I’m Bridget Cook-Burch, the creator of the Inspired Writer @home Course and your guide on this creative journey through the literary labyrinth to publishing success. This is a journey not just of writing mechanics but of transformation—a journey that will help you map the constellation of stories hidden within you, combining them together in a way that makes your book rich and meaningful. 

Here’s the thing: I know you’re brimming with a story that needs to be shared, one that can touch hearts, heal wounds, encourage forgiveness, spark hope, and even inspire a movement.

Perhaps you’ve been told countless times, “Wow, you ought to write a book!” And deep down, you know they’re right. 

But there’s a problem, isn’t there? It can be the fear of not knowing where to start–or how to make it compelling from beginning to end. Or perhaps you’ve been writing for years without ever completing a book, and you’re still wondering, will anyone really care about this? 

Those obstacles are real, and they’ve buried the dreams of too many aspiring authors.

Fortunately, I’ve got some fantastic news for you! I know what it feels like to wrestle with those challenges, which is why I created the Inspired Writer @home Course. 

We recorded one of my Inspired Writer’s Retreats and turned it into a home study course so you can access the juiciest and most important tools and strategies in each session, digest them at your leisure, and work at your own pace. That means you get the magic of my flagship writing program without the price tag and logistics of traveling (as amazing as being present at the Live Retreat is).


the Inspired Writer’s Retreat from the comfort of your home

After guiding hundreds of authors through this program, I have curated and cultivated my best content from the Inspired Writer’s Retreat to give you a transformational, virtual retreat experience. 

This home study course is designed specifically to help aspiring nonfiction authors like you overcome your book writing challenges, unlock your true potential as an author, and bring your story to life in a way that captivates your audience. And I’m not just talking about penning a great read; it’s about creating a following, igniting a movement, and changing the world with the power of your story.

Any course can teach you mechanics, but this is an enriching journey. Bring what is in your heart and gut and honor the message that’s already there. This course will help you breathe life into your book while guiding you through each step of the authoring process: outlining, writing, polishing, pitching, publishing, launching and promoting your book.

Most people want to write a book that entertains, educates, and inspires. Many people don’t know that a story can also transform your reader. My ‘Inspired Legacy™ Method’ enables you to focus on all four, emphasizing the last. Following my method, you will map and incorporate the most meaningful pieces of your story, which ones to include and which ones stay on the cutting room floor, so that it’s easy for people to follow your compelling story arc because they’re inspired by your life and purpose.

No matter your story, we will create a dramatic hook in the beginning, an unforgettable ending, and work out the mess in the middle so your reader really understands YOU.

You might be wondering, "Why should I listen to you, Bridget?"

If you’re still unfamiliar with me and my work, I am a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and five-time national bestselling author with over 5,000 five-star reviews. My work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Dateline, The History Channel, NPR, and People, among others.

My greatest passion is helping others discover the importance of their own stories and using them to create a lasting, positive impact. As a writing coach, I’ve personally helped well over 60 authors write, publish, and promote their books and influenced countless others.

Don’t take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding, as they say!


"I was blown away by the amount of content, knowledge, and creative insights Bridget has. It was three days of amazing connection, clarity, and writing. I can tell you that some of the things you'll get to experience at her retreat, I have never seen or heard about at other events. (And I've done a lot of them!)"

Hayley Anderson


“Have you always wanted to be a writer, but never knew where to start? Well, I found the starting place for you! Last year, I went to an AMAZING writer's retreat hosted by Bridget. I met incredible authors, mapped out the ideas for my novels, created breakthroughs, unforgettable memories, and friendships with like-minded thinkers. If you've seriously been thinking about writing, this is where you need to be!”

Elysia Butler


“All of these ideas that I had floating around in my head shifted into concrete actionable steps. I can now see where I am headed.”

Melanie Menlove


"Bridget brings out the creativity and writing skills you never thought you had."

JJ Elliott

What are the


of the Inspired Writer @home Course, you ask?

To be honest, my #1 signature event is the live Inspired Writers Retreat at Bear Lake, and we highly recommend attending the retreat in person any time you can! Nothing compares to the live experience. 

However, if time, budget or inability to travel precludes you from being able to attend live, this @home Retreat is the next best thing! Why?

From the comfort of your own home, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to express your signature story in the most powerful way
  • Awaken natural writing and communication abilities you never even knew you had
  • Break through the blocks that keep most writers stuck
  • Write real and raw about your experiences without throwing others under the bus
  • Overcome fears of what other people may think of you and your story
  • Make your readers fall in love with you and deeply understand your journey
  • Understand the ins and outs of the publishing industry
  • Understand when a book proposal is required and discover how to query and procure a literary agent
  • Know why your platform and visibility impact your success
  • Shorten your learning curve to get results much quicker
  • Open amazing doors for you and your entire career through connections and opportunities
  • Monetize with confidence and credibility
  • Gain the confidence to finally get your mighty message out into the world and change lives for the better. In short, you will learn how to create a movement

Here's everything you get with the Inspired Writer @home Course

You have accepted the challenge of writing your book! I have found for many, many people, this turns out to be one of the most fulfilling things they’ll do in their lives.

You will notice that we dig deep really fast with some foundational stories, principles, and questions for you. This is designed to cut your learning curve from decades to years and from years to months!

We teach you how to overcome hurdles, empower you with technical knowledge about writing your book and the book industry, and help you evolve into a more seasoned professional who can ask yourself and others the right questions.

We will activate your Master Brain throughout the course with exercises for your left brain and right brain. So be prepared to write in a whole new way!


10 Insightful Session Recordings

Watch 10 sessions from one of my live, in-person Inspired Writer’s Retreats, providing intensive, experiential learning that deepens your story and deeply enriches your writing style with tangible results for your reader.

Writing a book takes commitment. 9 out of 10 people want to write a book, but less than 2% ever do, and it all comes down to your commitment. We will talk a lot about the magic of words and the miraculous energy of your intention and commitment. This is what brings you from being a writer to a published author!

WHY? This may seem like a simple question, but beginning writers and leaders often neglect to ask it, and they spin their wheels for far too long, never getting traction. Dig deep into this session, listen to the stories, and be honest with yourself about the answer. Your WHY is your reason for breathing, for living! The Japanese call it your IKIGAI! It will help you engage faster, learn your voice more strongly, and easily differentiate your story from other books and projects because you have done the work to know who you are and WHY you are here on the planet.

Now that you know your WHY, it’s easier to differentiate your WHAT! I invite you to focus on ONE specific book for this particular writing course, including the publishing and launching of your project. You likely have many ideas if you are a visionary, a leader, or an imaginative creator. However, one project completed is better than 11 started.

At first glance, this may seem like such a simple concept, but I invite you to engage in this session fully as you determine your WHO. This session can be the difference between floundering and being able to complete your book. It can mean the difference between taking years or laser-focusing your story in the most powerful way. Discovering your avatar (your WHO) is a dynamically foundational part of your writing process. Smart authors will repeatedly refer to this person to stay on point.

Now, we start getting into some really juicy information so you can begin outlining your book. This session has powerful information to ensure that your story structure works best for you. This is a dynamically interactive session in which you’ll imagine your book’s outcome and decide on the best setup for the power of the story and the alignment of your chapters. As you go through this process, we will use both the left brain for structural time-based organization and the right brain with emotional depth for juicy detail, setting, and character arc evolution. So hold onto your shorts—you’re about to discover some really juicy elements to your story and storytelling that will make your book dramatically powerful—and so juicy that your reader can’t put it down!

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to outline your book, building the main characters your readers can’t help but fall in love with is absolutely vital. It may also allow them to love to hate certain characters in your story. Here, we’re creating multi-dimensional characters through some character ideas that you might not have ever thought of—not flat, but outstanding and unforgettable. People do not engage with stories about strangers. Make your characters REAL!

You may have noticed an overwhelming amount of information out there regarding publishing. Which way should you go? Traditional or self-published? What are the pros and cons of each? Well, there are many, and I show you how to recognize the good things about both options. Your intention for your project, your goals, and your timing will determine which is the best path for your book.

If you choose to publish your book traditionally, you enter the wonderful, mysterious, and often confusing world of royalties and advances. Don’t get too caught up in the details, because as you’ll see at the end, it will all depend on who you work with to publish your book and if you accept their terms. Strive for the expandable win—where you win, the publisher wins, and the reader wins.

This juicy section is about the marvelous world of agents. Obviously, you will use this only if you decide to publish traditionally. As you learn about the intricacies of working with an agent, the bottom line is that it is a relationship that you want to foster for the long term.

Any good business person knows that if you have a product, you want to market it so people can find and buy it. Any good business person also knows you want to do the same if you have a service. A book is unusual because it involves both! You are presenting a product in which you have invested some of yourself. It can open doors like nothing else I know. This is the magic of your visibility. You’ll learn when you should start being visible and what you should begin to do, even as you are writing the book.

This bonus session is part of WriteJUICY, my masterbrain course for outlining your book. Outlining is especially useful for memoirs, autobiographies and biographies, and helps determine important stories in your how-to, motivational, and self-help books. Believe it or not, we also highly recommend it for fiction books! It’s a powerful tool to keep the timeline and details of your characters straight. This will enable you to use both sides of your brain in order to avoid taking your readers through destructive time warps that make them put your book down. Instead, you have a beautifully flowing, well-constructed story that finally brings sense to your tangents (or helps you realize when to remove them) and fills in the story holes.

Enjoy this beautiful Meditation in a quiet space as you honor your journey with this virtual retreat.


Full-color writer's manual

A comprehensive and intensive, 70-page manual filled with insights, exercises, and prompts to help you craft a compelling story that resonates with readers.


30-min power strategy session

After you’ve completed all the coursework, you will receive a complimentary 30-minute, one-on-one power strategy session with me. This is a priceless opportunity to receive personalized feedback and guidance on your book, valued at $170.

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I never do this, but I believe in this course so much that I will make this a no-brainer decision for you. Once you’ve completed all the homework assignments in the course, if you’re anything short of thrilled with the Inspired Writer @home Course, simply let us know within 14 days of purchase, and we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked. Just send us one email, and we’ll give back all your money.

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Get ready to:

  • Overcome writer’s block and any fears you have about starting
  • Master the art of nonfiction storytelling
  • Unleash the power of your story and impact lives
  • Gain confidence and transform the world with your message
  • Build a following and ignite a movement

I’m sure you’re eager to dive in, so let’s get you started! Join me in the Inspired Writer @home Course, and let’s bring your story to life—together!

If you’re still hesitant, consider this…

How many good-sounding writing workshops or qualified coaches have crossed your path, but you weren’t sure they were the “real deal”? Please, don’t take my word for it:


"Take a leap of faith! You will NOT be disappointed and you may find it to be a catalyst to shift you into a completely new version of yourself and it will take your writing to a different level."

Melanie Menlove


“Do it, don’t think twice. It’s worth every penny.”

Rachel Kelley

Ask yourself this: Who are you depriving by NOT sharing your experience, unique wisdom, and inspiration?

Stop selling yourself short. I don’t want you to regret not following your heart and missing out on the opportunity to change the world through the power of your story.

Allow me to guide you through the uncertainty to clarity, confidence, and the completion of your book.

Buy Today to Save $500 and Get Your $497 Retreat Voucher


Only $497


This offer is available until midnight on June 30th (MT)



Asked Questions

No experience is necessary, and all are welcome to participate: aspiring, published, or hobbyist. We cater to beginners through advanced writers because we ask deep questions–the answers to which guide you along your way more quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Our course concentrates on becoming published authors and launching your career in a remarkable way. However, hobbyists will receive so much value for your personal journey—and will be that much more informed if you ever decide to take your hobby into the pro realm! 

Anyone can write, and we help you take what skills you have and awaken the writer within. 

Perfect! We work on that, too—your beginning, your ending, and how to sort out all of the mess in the middle.

Perfect! We have had authors who were so grateful they participated in this course before they published. Their feedback has been that their books became deeper, more juicy, more understandable and much more powerful than they would have been—PLUS, they learned how specifically they wanted to publish and launch.

Unless you’re almost done already, the answer is no. It takes much more than one weekend to write and finish a book. However, we DO take years off of your learning curve on outlining, writing, publishing, marketing, and launching your beautiful book! You will be so happy you learned everything you did.

Perfect again! We stay updated on the latest trends, so you know exactly which directions you can go. You will have your own preference for that decision based on your manuscript, needs, short and long-term career goals, and your greatest desires.

Our authors have told us they get so much more input and value than any other courses they’ve taken. We deliberately create awesome value for your dollar. From the feedback from many authors who have taken programs and retreats across the country, we’re delighted to report that no one does what we do—and that’s why they keep coming back.

Ooh, good question. First, we do some really intensive work on you as a writer, regardless of the genre. Second of all, while you are working on your own confidence, capability, and know-how as an author, our special modules that include the three-act play, the hero’s journey, and character development have been touted by our imaginative fictional authors as robust and helpful to enhance your storytelling capabilities and enrich the ideas you bring to the table! Bridget is an avid fiction reader as well as nonfiction, so she brings a unique storytelling aspect to your outlines, plots and characterizations.