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AuthorUNLEASHED: Crushing Your Fear

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After working with hundreds of writers, and writing 5 bestsellers herself, Bridget Cook-Burch has discovered that there are 5 key fears that keep you from becoming a published author.

Together, you’re going to explore these fears and what you can do right now to move past them. Don’t let these fears stand in your way as you share the soul-stirring story that only YOU can tell!


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Bridget Cook-Burch

About Bridget Cook-Burch

Bridget Cook-Burch’s clients call her “The Book Whisperer”.

She is a New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, mentor, humanitarian, and speaker known for her riveting stories of transformation. Her powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, Dateline, Netflix, Discovery+, A&E, CNN, GMA, NPR, and in People, among many others.

As the CEO and Founder of Your Inspired Story, she hosts Inspired Writers Retreats, group coaching, executive coaching, and more to offer safe space and deep experiential learning to honor your legacy. Her greatest passion is helping you discover the importance of your story, and to become leaders in your own communities, and worldwide.


“Bridget has the extraordinary gift of seeing the little threads that create the juiciest elements of our story. Not even halfway through our program, she has already surpassed every expectation!”
Kerry Mossman

Kerri Mossman



“Bridget is the only person on the planet that could summon the power to ignite my belief in my story’s ability to influence the world. Her relentless, loving belief in me and careful coaching brought inspiration into being. I had no idea what was possible before meeting Bridget.”
Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson



“Bridget is a heart and soul coach. When you work with her as a writer, you can count on her to listen compassionately, attentively and with a keen ear to your needs, passions and intentions. You will feel a personal relationship with her and you’ll be clear on your WHYs for writing your book. The most awesome testimony that I have is that my husband has said it’s the best money our family ever invested! Writers can change the world, and Bridget is there each step of the way to assist you in making the process easier and to cheer you on!”

Marie Wallace

Student, Author


“I am so full of gratitude for you, your message and your amazing spirit. You went above and beyond the “role of a speaker” and I thank you for that…On one of the evaluations I received, your session was their favorite, even among [the main keynote]! I heard breakthrough after breakthrough as a result of your message…”

Angella Johnson



“Working with Bridget gave me depth and clarity I would not have otherwise had. She inspired me to write from my heart, while engaging all my senses, which made all the difference.”


Jeffery Olsen



“If you have been holding on to your story and need to let it go, or if you want to know the technical parts of getting a book published, you will not find a better teacher. Of the over $100k I have spent learning how to do something, Bridget’s content was the most valuable.”
Kim Burney

Kim Burney​



“Bridget has the entire package! She is brilliant speaker with a compelling message.”

Steadman Graham

Author, Speaker, Leader